Meet Patty Hollis

Patty Hollis

“After working alongside my husband, Phil for 16 years, I realize that the help I give people every day, whether insurance related or by volunteering my time gives me a sense of pride about myself, my community, and my life as a whole.”

My life has always included helping people. I learned early in life that family, friends, and community was important. I often wear my heart on my sleeve, which can get me in trouble sometimes. I use this as an asset. Volunteering with the Lions is something that I feel deeply passionate about. Being taught that it takes a village to raise a child, the Lions Camp here in Wisconsin is the main purpose why I joined the Stevens Point Noon Lions. Community is where my heart belongs. Helping our town of Stevens Point flourish is something that I take personally. As an ambassador of the Portage County Business Council, I am proud that I show my support for the businesses and the people that help shape our town into what it is today. My goal in life is to always be the best me I can be. This is something I constantly have to be working hard at. I just hope that when I go out and about, I am passing on the best me to someone who may need it at the time.

I have enjoyed watching my husband’s business grow here in Stevens Point. It has been amazing to watch as the town has supported us. Working with my husband has been challenging at times, but in the end, what we have created makes me proud. I love having a company that helps people by education. Working all these years with clients has made me feel as if they are my family. It fits into my morals and values perfectly.

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